Personal Essay

Wordle: Feh.02.22 by Jane Barowitz
I Endured an Unphotographed Hiking Trip01.22 by Sarah Lehman
The Peeling Problem06.21 by Shannon Cron
Seaweed Baby05.21 by Patty Bamford
Did You Get The Cool Vaccine?05.21 by Ed McManis
Rete Mirabile04.21 by Eleanor Rubin
Hot Contacts03.21 by Joanne Leonard
Shoe Story03.21 by Jane Barowitz
We Are All Will Byers Now: One Family’s Journey Through the Upside-Down on Stranger Things02.21 by Elizabeth Wildman
Now You Want My Grape-Nuts?02.21 by Lisa Feldsher
Valentine’s Day for the Perpetually Single02.21 by Lucy Grebin
Puzzled01.21 by Stacy Traub
Pandemonium01.21 by Linda Dimitroff
The Wave Things12.20 by Liz Astrof
Mistaken Eye-Density12.20 by Linda Dimitroff
Kim’s Krotch12.20 by Jane Barowitz
The Day I Learned My Husband was a Crappy Plumber11.20 by Marcia Kester Doyle
The Art of Losing11.20 by Aaron Wiener
My Hacked Instagram Account is Having More Fun Than Me11.20 by Eileen Heisler
Pray to the Green Light Gods11.20 by Dawn J. Post
How to Hug Safely10.20 by Leo Erikson
Yoga Good At It10.20 by Liz Astrof
DIY Diary10.20 by Jane Barowitz
Confessions of a Recovering Hugger10.20 by Julie Rottenberg
Puppiphany10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Yom Kippur Diary10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Who is Colin Huggins?09.20 by Aaron Wiener
The Hole Picture08.20 by Michael Patrick King
Note to My Fellow Writing Group Members08.20 by Joan Dark
Trump Has Changed My Life08.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
How I Was Mean in 194808.20 by Jane Barowitz
Regrettable Purchases of the Last 30 Years08.20 by Katharine Hill
Testing 1-2-308.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Fudgie the Whale vs. Cookie Puss08.20 by Tobey Robbins
Time Marches Back08.20 by Anna Sedlock-Reiner
Mask, Aisle 508.20 by Michael Patrick King
Anne with an 'E'08.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Weekday Routine: Zoom Poetry Teacher08.20 by Ben Lesch
Compulsory Pandemic Sourdough Story07.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Beccamendations06.20 by Becca O'Dunne
Did-Do List06.20 by Elizabeth Greenwood
The 6th Stage of Grief: Stupidity06.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Ear Piece for the Pandemic04.20 by Jane Barowitz
Month 4 at Little House in NoHo10.12 by Jane Barowitz
The Rocky of Boggle09.05 by Elisa Zuritsky