wry /rī/ adjective
1 using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor.

WryTimes is a humor magazine about modern, post-modern, and post-post-modern life. Edited by Elisa Zuritsky.

Hi, I’m Elisa.

If we were meeting in person, the first thing I’d do is teach you how to pronounce my name: E-lees-a. Think Lisa with an E at the front, isn’t that easy? I’ve spent my life trying to figure out why my name is so flummoxing to otherwise literate people, but if you must come up with your own pronunciation, please don’t make it rhyme with Melissa. It’s triggering.

Now that that’s out of the way: I’ve been working as a screenwriter, mostly in TV, for the past 20 or so (very) odd years. In that field, I work in partnership with my lifelong brilliant friend, Julie Rottenberg. So yes, I’m lucky.

Before teaming up with Julie, I wrote and edited for several publications, including the dearly departed gem, Nickelodeon Magazine. Maybe tween-you subscribed? That’d be cool.

Why Wry?

WryTimes is an eclectic space filled with brief distractions from this deeply disturbing, increasingly fucked up world. (This morning I realized that AwryTimes would’ve been an even better title. Oh well.)

Anyway, thanks for finding us!