wry /rī/ adjective
1 using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor.

WryTimes is a humor magazine about modern, post-modern, and post-post-modern life. Edited by Elisa Zuritsky.

Hi, I’m Elisa.

If we were meeting in person (which we obviously won’t be doing for quite some time), the first thing I’d do is teach you how to pronounce my name: E-lees-a. Like Lisa with an E at the front! You can make that first ‘E’ hard or soft, but please don’t make it sound like the ‘I’ in Melissa.

Now that that’s out of the way: I’ve been working as a screenwriter, mostly in TV, for the past 20 or so odd years. In that field, I work in partnership with my lifelong brilliant friend, Julie Rottenberg. So yes, I’m lucky.

Before teaming up with Julie, I wrote and edited for several publications, including the dearly departed gem, Nickelodeon Magazine. Maybe tween-you subscribed? That’d be cool.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Jordan, and our two kids—and we’ve all been spending way too much time together lately. (With any luck, this last bit will be a temporary condition.)

Why Wry?

I’m too serious. Always have been. I have a terrible habit of playing out worst case scenarios, and lately I’ve been scaring myself with my degree of accuracy. Humor is my chaser. 

WryTimes is an eclectic space filled with momentary distractions from this deeply disturbing, increasingly fucked up world we’ve created. (This morning I realized that AwryTimes would’ve been an even better title. Oh well.) Anyway, there’s a lot of work here by me, but I’m hoping you’ll jump into the Wry by contributing your musings. It’ll be way more fun.