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I had a good pandemic moment yesterday. It lifted my spirits for a good 25-35 minutes. 

I ran into Joe on the street. It took a minute to recognize him—mask, glasses, ponytail—but there he was, Joe who’s been my hairdresser and friend for the past 25 years. Of course we didn’t hug. I’m not sure we would have even pre-pandemic, we’re just not that huggy.

We reassured each other that things were more or less ok. Nobody in our families is sick, his salon is functioning (outdoor haircuts anybody?), we’re getting on with our lives. 

Then. The moment. He glanced at my hair and said, “It looks good.” I might have blushed behind my mask. I’ve been cutting it myself since March and trying to trim every hair the same amount to maintain Joe’s skillful shaping. Except the back. “Joe,” I said, “look at the back.” He laughed and laughed. ❏

Jane Barowitz plans to book an outdoor hair appointment with Joe in the near future.

Photo by Adam Winger


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  1. I love this affectionate telling of the great pandemic “haircut dilemma.”

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