Time Marches Back

In quarantine, sometimes I have thought back to March. I have found that it helps to make a list. Here’s mine:

  • Coming to school and thinking that it was funny that my mom had made me take two Purell wipes. I thought that she had maybe gone a little too far.
  • Dunking my hand into the huge bowl of snacks at assembly. 
  • Definitely a lot of Purell wipes and so, so much washing hands. 
  • Drinking from the water fountains at school.
  • Bringing a water bottle the next day and feeling very happy that I had water with ice.
  • First day of online learning. I remember sitting at my desk and not understanding how to click on the Zoom link. 
  • Last day of online learning. Clicking off on the assembly and crying a lot. 
  • July. Looking back on the first posts on Google Classroom.

What do you remember when you look back on the last five months? Feel free to add a memory or two of your own in the Comments box before you go. .

Anna Sedlock-Reiner is a fifth-grader, and enjoys snuggling with her cat Ham in her spare time.

The image was created by the United Nations Covid-19 Response


5 Responses

  1. I remember my husband telling me — in late Feb or early March — about this new public health policy that was coming our way: “Social Distancing.” It sounded so strange and foreboding back then. Now the only thing strange about it is how normal it’s become.

  2. one of my younger brothers friends in march said that school might be closed for two months. definitely not! I said, at that point school was only supposed to be closed for two weeks but little did I know that it would end up being closed for more than two months, more like 4.

  3. Me and my friend — we have grandchildren the same age and we decided to get them together. Casting around for an activity something fun, unusual (to them at least), age appropriate (9 to 78), how hard could it be? Gottit!!!! We’re going bowling. Now it feels like a distant dream.

  4. I remember being in the Riviera Maya with my family at an all-inclusive resort in mid-March and thinking… this trip was definitely worth risking our lives! My whole family looks back on it and feels the same way too!

  5. I remember thinking my husband was overreacting on March 5th when I went to a SoulCycle class and laughing at my friend when she said that school wouldn’t go back for a whole year!

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