TestH2Pre-Election Guided Meditation™


Let’s start with some rapid, shallow breathing.  As you gasp for air, picture your fears and anxieties entering your lungs. With each quick exhalation, push out any positive thoughts until your mind fills with nothing but dark, howling chaos. That’s it… yes… can you feel it? Keep taking shallow breaths and focus on the feelings […]

TestH2Confessions of a Recovering Hugger


Back in March, when the Coronavirus started picking up steam here in New York, we were all told we should stop shaking hands. This didn’t affect me much—maybe because I’m female and I find women shake hands much less than men, but also because I’m a screenwriter, and in Hollywood, you don’t shake hands when […]

TestH2Network Notes on <em>The Trump Presidency</em> (“October Surprise” episode)


PRIORITY: URGENTTO: The Trump Presidency Showrunners FROM: Casey, Rob, and Amy Hey, Guys—You know we always try to stay out of your creative choices for the show, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting your “October Surprise” episode, but this latest plot-twist took us all off-guard. Right now, we’re getting hammered by the President’s agent with questions: Is he being […]

TestH2Network Notes on <em>The Trump Presidency</em> (current season)


Overall: Lots of great stuff here, guys! Really impressive output, you’re obviously working ‘round the clock to keep the plot moving. That said, we’ve got some big notes, so we’ll jump right in. Tone: We know you’re aiming for 24 meets The Sopranos, (at least that’s what you originally pitched us), but right now, the whole piece is feeling more like […]

TestH2OBITUARY: “No Worries!”

Test AHREFgraveyard

No worries! died on March 15, 2020, after complications of Coronavirus. It was 54 years old. The youngest child of It’s all good! and Can’t complain, No worries! was originally used as a cheerful alternative to That’s all right, No problem, and Sure thing, but at the height of its popularity, No worries! even surpassed […]

TestH2Catastrophic Thinking™ Made Easy


Do you sleep soundly, free of drugs or meditation apps, and wonder what everyone else is so stressed about? Do you feel like you’re missing out?  Welcome to our webinar on Catastrophic Thinking™. Before we dive in, it’s important to address and dispel the common misconceptions about Catastrophic Thinking™: Misconception #1: Catastrophic Thinking™ is “bad” for […]