The Hole Picture

Today I feel like that girl in the pit in Silence Of The Lambs. But not in the early scenes where she is yelling and fighting and conniving and trying to trick the little dog and doing everything she can to find a way out of the hole. No—I feel like her in a scene they never filmed. Where she wakes up and realizes she’s been in the pit for a lot of days. Like over 150 days and in spite of all the screaming and praying and trying to climb herself out—nothing changed—she’s still in the same hole. The same place she was since Day 1. So she decides to not yell or come up with a plan—or even con herself into a better attitude anymore. She just sits and waits till it ends. However it ends—good or bad. Whatever. In the movie it ended well. The girl was rescued by Jodie Foster. I’m looking at you, Joe Biden. ❏

Michael Patrick King is a writer and director. His latest work, A.J. and the Queen, can be seen on Netflix.   


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