Ear Piece for the Pandemic

Underarms: The area under my arms, Nape: The back of my neck. But what is the name for the area behind my ears?

The space behind my ears has lately become a high-traffic zone. Of course the pandemic is to blame—mostly.

My reading glasses are semi-involved; I could do without them. The glasses also have a secondary role as hair control devices when worn atop my head.

Then there are the hearing aids. A new development. They take up quite a lot of behind-my-ears real estate, but honestly, they deserve it. Not only can I hear conversations that were kind of a blur before, but I can listen to music, podcasts and phone calls without anyone else in the room even knowing it.

A pandemic-related, but little considered unfortunate side effect for me is that my shortish brownish hair is now becoming long and gray. It looks awful and hangs in my eyes (see glasses above). The best solution I’ve found is a headband.

Me, Hillary and Alice in Wonderland, we’re adorable in our headbands.

For those unfamiliar with the wearing of the aforementioned accessory, headbands live behind ears.

The fourth contender for space in the un-named but all-important space behind my ears is, yup, my new pandemic-essential accessory—the mask. Hooking its elastic around my ears seriously crowds these odd corners of my body, but the mask takes priority.  

In conclusion—what is the conclusion? I guess I’m lucky to have ears to stow all this baggage behind. ❑

Jane Barowitz lives mostly in New York and sometimes in Maine.

Photo by Joel Mwakasege


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