Yom Kippur Diary

YOM KIPPUR OBSERVANCE 2019 (Wednesday, October 9)

9 AM Wake up.
9:30 Drink cup of coffee.
10:15 Go to synagogue. Reflect on my year. Vow to be a better person.
1 PM Come home. Make kugel. Pretend I’m not hungry.
3:00 Get the house ready for annual 50-person break-the-fast.
Set up Russ & Daughters bagel-cream cheese-smoked fish spread.
5:00 Greet guests. Dive into food as if I haven’t eaten in weeks.

YOM KIPPUR OBSERVANCE 2020 (Monday, September 28)

6 AM Wake up to deal with puppy.
6:30 Start reading New York Times story about Trump’s taxes.
7:00 Fall back to sleep.
9:30 Wake up. Eat breakfast. Read more of Times tax story.
10:30 Take daughter to Verizon store to activate my old iPhone.
NOON Come home. Read more of Times tax story.
1 Make kugel. Miss my mother.
2:30 Eat lunch. Read more of Times tax story.
5:30 Break-the-fast with five additional friends/family members on socially distanced rooftop.
10:00 Get into bed. Finish reading Times tax story. ❏

Photo by David Holifield.


4 Responses

  1. Nearly spot on. We did participate in Zoom services, however bizarre they were.

  2. As you might know i am a famous jewish critic and i think that is just spectaculer

  3. Very streamlined telling of a complex story. What a difference a year makes…this year in any case.

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