What People Mean When They Reply: “SO FUN!”

I hate this idea!

You again. Can’t you take a hint, we’re not friends.

Too long, didn’t read, never gonna happen.

My kid doesn’t like your kid.

I’m like, really busy. Can you ask someone else?

You’re fun to say hi to, but I don’t see us becoming actual friends.

I’m exhausted by the sight of your face.

We used to be close but then I realized you’re toxic, so I’m done.

You seem really nice, and I can’t put my finger on why, but you bug me.

I get it, your kid is a creative genius, what more do you want from me?

This is such a good cause and you know how I love an open bar, but the cheapest ticket available is still way out of my price range.

You want our family to make a video birthday greeting for your spouse/child/best friend? We suck at making them—but we love and miss you guys, so of course.

Zoom cocktails? These used to be fun, but now I find myself feeling really sad during AND after these—but I love and miss you, so sure.

Your work is just OK. ❑

Photo by Lidya Nada.


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