Seven Back Biting Bullets

Bullet One—man trying to open car door
so he can bring comfort to his children

Bullet Two—cell phones record the images
in disbelief

Bullet Three—kids in car,
wondering why their daddy
is lying on the ground, not moving

Bullet Four—policemen coordinate their stories
so that what we see with our eyes
are simply alternative facts to manufactured truth

Bullet Five—nights of social unrest
turn to violence, white 17 year old shoots to kill, lives,
Fox news preaches law and order

Bullet Six—late night hosts mock police
with not so subtle jabs at their
let’s wait to see the facts excuses

Bullet Seven—fathers have another discussion
with their black sons about how to survive
another day in a dying while black world ❏

Peter Witt is a retired university professor, at least that’s what his business card says.


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