Idiom’s Delight

He was all sizzle and no steak
but still managed to have a lot on his plate
though he was probably a few sandwiches short
of a picnic, never able to bring home the bacon

He would chew the fat with anyone,
especially if they were a couch potato
if they weren’t looking he’d eat someone’s lunch
eat humble pie, top it off with a bad egg, an acquired taste

In a nutshell, he was in a pickle,
he was told to simmer down
since his life was going like hotcakes,
which was a bit slower than molasses,
in other words not a piece of cake

He and his wife were like two peas in a pod
they ate everything from soup to nuts, from scratch,
then for fun they’d cook someone’s goose,
especially those who were nuttier than a fruitcake

So, let’s end, time to wake up and smell the coffee,
walk on eggshells, take the cake and the whole enchilada
piping hot over to Aunt Susie’s, she rotten to the core,
but one tough cookie, which is another watering hole story.

Until next time: remember all the tea in China won’t
cut the mustard if you’re at the bottom of the barrel. ❏

Peter Witt is a retired university professor, at least that’s what it says on his business card.

Photo by Louis Hansel


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