Building On Bond, I 💔 You

You were there for me, Building on Bond
when I needed a cup of coffee,
a working lunch
a pick-your-brain
or no-fuss dinner

I could bring my laptop
or my New York Times
and sit for hours

I could sit inside
or out
you didn’t mind
even your bathrooms were nice.

And then you opened Robert
(my brother’s name)
a swank little bar
that made me feel cool long past my time

Oh, Building on Bond
I get it
but you broke my heart. ❏

Building On Bond was located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn from 2007 ‘til the spring of 2020.


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  1. RIP (peace or power I don’t know) Building on Bond it was always so comforting to walk by you on the way to my friends house. Robert I was never old enough to go to a bar but I hope you had a good life too…

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