Quiz: Which ‘Bi’ Are You?

Everyone’s bi, didn’t you hear? (Wait, what did you think I meant by ‘bi’?)

Take this quiz to see if you can guess all the different ‘bi’s you might be.

1. You divide your time between New York City and Los Angeles.

2. You have extreme mood swings and other concerning symptoms that could be managed by a combination of medication and talk therapy.

3. You are attracted to people of two genders. 

4. You have achieved the support of both Democrats and Republicans. 

5. Your biological parents come from two different racial backgrounds.

6. You are very extremely and exclusively on one end of a spectrum. There is no ambiguity about you, no siree Bob.

Answers: (1) ןɐʇsɐoɔ- (2) ɹɐןod- (3) ןɐnxǝs- (4) uɐsᴉʇɹɐd- (5) ןɐᴉɔɐɹ- (6) ʎɹɐu– ❏

Photo by Mitsuo Komoriya


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