Quiz: Reflections on 2020 or the TV Show Lost?

“It felt like my stoner nephew wrote it.”

“Why is it killing off these people?”

“That invisible monster is terrifying.”

“Why won’t anyone listen to that doctor who says, ‘Live together, die alone’? Come on, people!”

“What’s up with polar bears living in balmy places?”

“Some of the major characters are now convicts??”

“At least I’m glad the annoying, high-profile couple will be gone next season.”

“But it’s scary how that one guy is determined not to leave. Wasn’t he the same person hiding a health condition?”

“The South Koreans are the real protagonists of the story.”

“Oh my god, that guy was a militia leader the whole time!”

“Is this some kind of cult situation?”

“Why won’t The Others stop sabotaging everyone?”

“Boats and planes are turning out to be super problematic.”

Thats the resolution for the people of color?”

“It’s weird how this situation has transformed the concept of time.”

“I’m sure it’s all going to make sense later.” ❏

K.E. Flann has published two award-winning short story collections, and her work has appeared in McSweeney’s, Points in Case, Humor Darling, 251, and The Weekly Humorist. A guide book for movie monsters, How to Survive a Human Attack, is forthcoming from Running Press (Hachette). 


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