Expatriation Form Letter

Dear ____________________ (New Zealand/ Canada/ Taiwan/ Germany),

I’ve been admiring how you’ve handled the Coronavirus outbreak and wanted to introduce myself. 

As you might’ve guessed, I’m an American citizen and am seriously considering moving to _____________ (New Zealand/ Canada/ Taiwan/ Germany) permanently. I’ve traveled there _________ (many/ zero) times, _____ (and/ but) have always __________ (found it to be/ heard it is) quite lovely. 

But it’s really the leadership I’m drawn to. Of all the countries that have successfully navigated this crisis, I think _______________ (New Zealand/ Canada/ Taiwan/ Germany) has been most impressive. You guys have really figured it out! It’s admirable that you’re down to __________ (zero/so few) cases and your citizens have resumed their lives. We’re pretty envious of that in my country, and it’s not lost on us that a _______________ (woman/ sane, decent man) is in charge.  

Of course, it’s not just your handling of Covid that appeals to me: It’s your approach to health care, education, and climate change. Your ____________ (firearm policy/ cuisine/ reckoning with Nazi past) is the cherry on top. You respect science AND you’re a democracy, which I find preferable to dictatorship. 

I expect the language will be _______________ (not a problem/ a bit of a challenge), (so that is a bonus/ but it’s worth it). 

On a lighter note, I’ve had my eye on you since seeing the (film/ streaming series) _______________ (“Lord of the Rings”/ “Handmaids Tale”/ “Life of Pi”/ “Unorthodox”). Such portrayals make it look so _______________________ (gorgeous/ humane/ cosmopolitan). Of all the places in the world, I feel most certain that I could build a beautiful new life in ___________________ (New Zealand/ Canada/ Taiwan/ Germany).

In closing, I hope you’ll process this application as soon as possible. Every four years, people in my country tend to say they’re going to expatriate if a certain candidate is (re)elected, but this time it’s true: There’s a _____________ (remote/ strong) chance your office will be deluged with applications by the end of this calendar year, and I’d like to beat the rush.

Sincerely (and hopefully!) yours,

(your name here)


8 Responses

  1. What a wonderfully helpful letter, Elisa. I will file this for later. Hoping I won’t need it, but better to be safe then sorry.

  2. Let me know where we’re moving. There is a slight/strong chance I’ll be motivated to join you, and I’m glad you have narrowed down our options.

      1. Thanks for the form letter. It really makes it much easier once we figure out which country we can convince our parents and children and siblings to move to , along with us!

  3. I enjoyed/may desperately need this letter. I look forward to perhaps being your neighbor in New Zealand/Canada/Taiwan/Germany. Maybe we can take a cooking class and master kiwi tarts/poutine/beef noodle soup/schnitzel.

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