What I Assume Emojis Mean to Gen Z

For many Gen Z-ers, the πŸ’€ emoji has become a popular replacement for conveying laughter…Gen Zers told CNN Business they like to assign their own meanings to emoji.” β€”CNN

🌊 Climate Change

🏌 Swing and a-miss!

🀠 Matthew McConaughey

πŸ™… Stop, in the Name of Love

🀑 Silly

🀑🀑 Creepy

🀑🀑🀑 Insane Clown Posse

β˜” Gene Kelly

πŸ‘ United States Senator Raphel Warnock

🧐 When the rude gentlemen in front of you won’t stop talking and they’re ruining the opera

πŸ’¨ Chicago (the city)

πŸ‘― Chicago (the musical)

⚑ Divine punishment at the hands of Zeus, Lord of Thunder and God of the Sky

🀦 When the doctor asks you to read the bottom row of an eye chart

πŸ’‡ When you’re being attacked by Edward Scissorhands

🧠 Your brain

🀯 Your brain on drugs

🀷 Millennials

πŸ’© Capitalism ❏


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