The Momentum of Lost Things

It is 2018 and our boxes are labeled:
Say goodbye to the three-story house!
A backward glance
at my sky-lit studio, and we’ve moved on…

Three years later,
the 965 square feet of apartment space
is home.
Our terrace overlooks 

woods and ponds: a good 
inside/outside combination.  
But the things I can’t find
continue to jangle.

Where is that leather pouch with my favorite pens?
And the letter?
Directives from the California artist, 
the one who could stand on his head at age 75?

I’ve rummaged through the boxes in our storage unit. 
Sketchy labels on the many cartons
are insufficient: 
Where are my best drawing pens? ❏

Eleanor Rubin is an artist and author of Eleanor Rubin: Dreams of Repair,with foreword by Howard Zinn.


One Response

  1. …and the little girls who moved next door and adopted us as local grandparents,
    and the bird feeders whose needs for refilling scheduled my mornings,
    and the thirty gallon aquarium that crowned a hobby from junior high school, too clumsy to take along.
    But, I can account for all my Kominskies.

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