Make it a Double Dog

There once was a prince from west London
Whose exquisite life had come undone
He adopted a mutt
Shifted out of his rut
And tossed out his collection of handguns.

A less known gal from Nantucket
While drunk told her jerk boss to “suck it.”
No job left her drab
So she sprung for a lab
Now they both enjoy wine from a bucket.

You’ve heard of the wife out of Bath 
Whose husbands each followed her path
‘Twas her pug she loved most
Oftentimes she would boast
“Five husbands, one dog, do the math.”

The starlet who hailed from L.A.
Lost her mojo and zest one sad day
She picked up a poodle
With whom she canoodled
Now she can’t keep the Oscars away.

A senator from Washington D.C.
When his partner found out he was sleazy
Fostered a mongrel
Others found awful
Changed his tune, now his life is quite breezy.

When the little one moved out of Nashville
And leaving her friends made her quite ill
Papa bought her a pooch
Forthwith she named Smooch
His licks gave her sad heart a refill.

So, if you are having some trouble
Life’s seemingly bursting your bubble
Consider a doggy
To make life less foggy
Perhaps even ponder a double. ❏

Rebekah Iliff is Nashville-based business and humor writer whose work has appeared in Inc, Mashable, Forbes, New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Topeka Capital-Journal, Syndrome Magazine, Erma Bombeck blog, Slackjaw Humor, How Pants Work, Jane Austen’s Wastebasket, LOL Comedy, Weekly Humorist, Points in Case, as well as in countless “thank you” notes. 


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  1. Hello Rebekah Iliff,

    I loved, “Double Dog.” We all need a “refill” just now… so THANKS!


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