Minutes of a Break-Up

ATTENDEES: Steve and Tara
LOCATION: Savoy Lounge, 322 w. 41st St. 
TIME: 7:31 PM

7:31 – 7:42 Opening Remarks

Attendees discussed their resepective days at work.

7:43 – 7:49 Beverage Discussion

Steve asked Tara what she’d like to drink. Tara selected Becks. Steve ordered Budweiser. She was surprised by Steve’s choice, because she hadn’t drunk Budweiser since high school, and Steve said he didn’t like Becks or Bass, which were the only other choices on tap. 

7:50 – 7:55 Ambient Music Spat

Good song, Tara said, and Steve agreed. She wondered if the singer was Ella Fitzgerald. No, Steve said, it was Sarah Vaughn. He reminded her that he had his own radio show in college that specialized in jazz vocals. Still, she was sure it was Ella Fitzgerald. They made a bet but did not set a reward. Together they approached the jukebox to find that the singer was Sarah Vaughn. She punched Steve on the arm and they sat back down at their booth. 

7:56 Awkward Pause

7:56 – 8:04 Admission of Recent Weird Behavior

Steve explained to Tara that the reason his attitude had gone from very enthusiastic to apathetic was that he’d become “hesitant.” He did not know why; after all, they’d only been dating for two months. He did not know. He did not know. He did, in fact, still like her, and enjoy her company, but there was that Hesitancy. 

8:05 – 8:06 Self-Loathing and Reference to Sunday

Steve sighed. Again, I’m very sorry, he said. I shouldn’t have let it drag on. I thought about saying something on Sunday, but I kept hoping I’d snap out of it. Sunday was bad, he added. 

[See: Minutes of Sunday’s Meeting]

8:07 – 8:14  Pathetic Shred of Hope

This Hesitancy, said Tara: Do you foresee it ever lifting?

8:15 – 8:20 Hope Shredded, Introduction of “Fucked Up” theory

Head in hands, Steve said he was just too confused right now to say if his Hesitancy was only temporary. Steve says, I’m too fucked up for you. I guess we should get our stuff back. 

8:21 Pregnant Pause with Eye Contact

Tara: What do you have of mine? 

8:22-8:24 – Inventory of Stuff

I have two books and a pair of your underwear, Steve said. I have one jacket, a tie, a pair of underwear and an undershirt of yours, Tara said. Well, I don’t think I really need the undershirt and underwear, but I do need the jacket and which tie is it, said Steve, to which Tara replied: It’s light brown with circles, and I don’t want to keep your undershirt and underwear. Of course, Steve allowed.

8:30-8:32 – Closing Remarks

Well, I guess there’s nothing else to say, Tara said, but ‘take care’? Steve paused. I guess not, he answered, I don’t want you hate me. 

8:32 – Eye Roll from Tara and Abrupt Departure. Steve Stays to Finish his Budweiser and Orders Another While Scrolling Through His Phone.

Photo by Scott Webb


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