Are You a ‘tennis person’?

So you like to play tennis.

You think it’s “fun” to hit from time to time; sometimes you even surprise yourself by hitting kind-of-not-terribly. You think you could be halfway decent if you set your mind to it. But who has the time?

If any of this sounds familiar, then chances are you’re a tennis person—not to be confused with a Tennis Person. With the U.S. Open starting and public courts opening up again, it’s essential to know the difference.

Ask yourself the following, and please. Be honest:

1) Do I say, “Sorry!” every time I hit the ball into the net?

2) Do I say, “Sorry!” every time I hit the ball out of bounds?

3) Do I say, “Sorry!” every time I hit the ball over the fence?

4) If I’m playing doubles, would I rather miss a mid-court ball than shout, “Mine!” at my partner?

5) If I do shout, “Mine!” at my doubles partner, do I feel like a dick?

6) Do I feel guilty after calling an opponent’s shot “Out”? 

7) Do I wonder if maybe I was wrong? 

8) Do I make up for it as soon as possible by calling the next shot “In” when it was actually out?

9) If I’m winning, do I feel like a show-off for announcing the score?

10) Do I say, “Thanks!” if my opponent compliments one of my shots?

11) Do I feel compelled to compliment my opponent’s good shots, whether I’m winning or losing?

12) Do I ever smile or laugh on the tennis court?

13) Am I embarrassed by my serve?

14) Do I think playing tennis is a great way to make new friends?

If you answered Yes to any one of these questions, then you are officially a tennis person. If you think anyone who would answer Yes to any one of these questions is a pathetic loser, then you, my friend, are a Tennis Person. ❑

Photo by John Fornander



14 Responses

  1. Ha! I said yes to every one of those questions, especially the Sorry ones. Very funny.

  2. But…what if I answered yes to some of them but also thought I was a pathetic loser for doing so?

  3. I do occasionally smile on the tennis court and compliment my opponent’s good shots, yet it should come as no surprise to you, I am a Tennis Person.

  4. I used to be a sorry spouting tennis person….but because of my serve…I now play golf.

  5. I only answered YES to questions 12 & 13. You can confirmed I am in fact a tennis person and clearly not as nice as others!

  6. It was only once I moved out of Brooklyn to upstate NY, that I could afford to play tennis regularly. A lot of the players are Brooklyn expats, or Manhattanites with second homes. I answered yes to all except for one, I call the ball out if it’s out. I want that point. I’m too shy to give command so usually I just go to the ball at the risk of colliding with my parter if I’m playing doubles. I prefer playing singles. You have full command. I’m I a Tennis Person?

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