12 Hollywood Sequels

Just because Hollywood called “Cut!” on all film production doesn’t mean they plan to stop rehashing your favorite film franchises. Ever. Below is a list of sequels most likely to careen your way in the distant future.

“Another Batman Again”

“Contagion: The Documentary”

“Zero Dark Thirty Two”

“Knives Back In”

“Ford vs. Ferrari vs. The Opioid Crisis”

“National Lampoon’s Family Staycation”

“Flags of Our Fathers Part Two: Face Masks of Our Uncles”

“Being John Malkovich’s Agent”

“The Bourne Penultimatum”


“Seriously, More Batman”

“Titanic 2: 4 More Years” [currently in pre-production!] ❏

Michael Venutolo-Mantovani is a writer, musician, record label owner, and expatriated New Yorker who is now based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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