Parade of Panderers

Today I pondered pandering
as the storm 
overtook the capitol 
in a thundering herd 
of lightning strikes
and trespass.

Today I watched the twitter
or the facebook posting
claims of fraud, without evidence,
except perhaps charges
against two republicans
in PA voting for dead relatives.

Today I grieved as Senators
and congressmen raised fists
in support of violent intruders
who smashed their way 
through hallowed doors,
intent on sitting behind
the speaker’s desk,
proclaiming their love
for Chairman trump.

Today I sat and stared
at pundits creating
false equivalences,
comparing reactions to police
kneeling on a neck
to insurrection against
the seat of government.

Today I laughed 
as the congressional enablers
of the panderer in chief
deserted his majesty
and began their search
for a new false prophet. ❏

Peter Witt is a retired university professor, at least that’s what it says on his business card.


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