Little Donny

Little Donny’s in the garden pulling wings off flies
or cutting a worm in half ‘cos he likes the way it writhes
Donny, pulling shells off snails, thinks he’s invented slugs. 
He really likes the crunching sound when he steps on some bugs

Donny, on the way to school, often’s seen kicking cats. 
He runs around the playground pulling on all the girls’ plaits. 
He likes it when they shout and scream, he likes the way they holler
when he’s found a spider and he’s shoved it down their collar

When in the park he likes a game of cricket most of all
He’ll use a big stick for a bat and pigeons for a ball
But there’s no use complaining to his Dad or to his Mum
They’ll simply say “Leave him alone, he’s only having fun.”

So this week when the school takes all the kids off to the zoo 
I’m going to take the day off work so I can visit too
and as we walk around the place I think I have a hunch,
a surreptitious shove might help provide the lions lunch ❏

Nic is a father and grandfather to many, and writes because it is the only way he can get a word in.

Photo by Thomas Park


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