Fresh Hell

Confessions of a Recovering Hugger10.20 by Julie Rottenberg
How Mike Pence Changed Me From a Hater Into a Lover10.20 by Elizabeth Reed
Washington v. Tyrant10.20 by Paul Greenberg
Hillary’s Emails! Revealed!10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
The Crafting Gunman’s Creed10.20 by Amanda Bloom
Puppiphany10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Ode to Effing Flannel10.20 by Dana Storino
When I was Young10.20 by Tobey Robbins
Unexpected Perks of Hurricane Season10.20 by Ed Cole
Building On Bond, I 💔 You10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Get Well Card for Donald Trump10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Network Notes on The Trump Presidency (“October Surprise” episode)10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky and Julie Rottenberg
President’s Medical Records Released!10.20 by Ben Lesch
I’m the Trump Administration Coronavirus Czar10.20 by Keith Rubin
What Do You See?10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Yom Kippur Diary10.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Seven Back Biting Bullets09.20 by Peter Witt
Should We Open Our Marriage?09.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
All Bow Down to Peppa09.20 by Joey Gutierrez
I Appreciate the Rejection!09.20 by Maxine Eisenberg
Idiom’s Delight09.20 by Peter Witt
Hello, My Name is Quincy09.20 by Quincy
Profound, Maybe09.20 by Peter Witt
Before and During09.20 by Tobey Robbins
Minutes of a Break-Up09.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Well, Stream This, STAN!09.20 by Michael Patrick King
The Boarding House09.20 by Jeanie Greensfelder
How to Be Lost: A Style Guide09.20 by Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr
Ballpoint Pen Tech Support09.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Little Donny09.20 by Nic Walde
Who is Colin Huggins?09.20 by Aaron Wiener
Are You a ‘tennis person’?09.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Intermediate Catastrophic Thinking™08.20 by Ben Rubin
Shopping Bag08.20 by Anna Sedlock-Reiner
The Hole Picture08.20 by Michael Patrick King
Note to My Fellow Writing Group Members08.20 by Joan Dark
What is “Fresh Hell”?08.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
Trump Has Changed My Life08.20 by Elisa Zuritsky
New Days of the Week08.20 by Elliott Barowitz and Elisa Zuritsky
Woman Drowns in School-Related Emails08.20 by Elisa Zuritsky