As she recounted
her former boyfriends
to her girlfriends
he stood
next to a shiny new
Weber Summit
6-burner gas grill
with rotisserie,
integrated smoker box,
lighted control knobs
and cool-to-the-touch
handles with men
whom he did not know
from Adam or Steve.
The mimosas Nancy
mixed made his wife
impervious to her own
pitch. He sipped
his Budweiser
with and took
over the spatula,
started flipping
burgers, spanking patties
and smashing them
against the grill.
He glowered as they
spilled succulent juices
onto seething charcoal.
Adam and Steve
stood aghast, little
droplets of condensation
forming on the necks
of their half-empty

Norman “Buzz” Minnick was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.


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