TestH2How Do We Loathe Thee?


(With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning) How do we loathe thee?  Let us count the daysUntil we frog march your whole depth and breadth and heightOut of the White House, the People’s House, that’s right,And shout FINISHED!  to your four years of craze.We’ve loathed thee for minutes, hours, nights and days,We’ve loathed thee at sunset and in the […]

TestH2Petrified: Mt. Trumpmore

Test AHREFPetrified: Mt. Trumpmore - WryTimes

There he is, finally, among the Elect, Chiseled into stone atop Mt. Rushmore, Just as magnificent as those other fellows, The Big Boys—Washington, Jefferson, TR and Lincoln— Even more magnificent, he says to himself, and says again. To eclipse the stone-grey solemnity of their faces,He orders his own rocky features to be fully colorized:Hair more golden than […]